Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dead Although Not Fat Hair

You can tell from the previous post about The Boodlerag that my dad was fortunate not only to have a full head of hair, but he was blessed with having naturally wavy hair as well. Dad was a blue-eyed blond. When blonds turn gray, the gray hair does not stand out and scream. "Look at me I am old." Instead the gray hairs graciously blend in the the blond hair; hence light-haired people may seem to turn gray overnight so to speak. Our Dad's hair seemed to do just that. One day Dad's hair was blond; the next day Dad's hair was silver. My dad like many men was not bothered by the gray hair. But when asked about the rapid hair color change, he would respond that his hair was dead. When hearing advertisements about thinning hair, he would comment, "Who wants to have fat hair?" The picture from 1983 shows both of my parents. As you can see, both of my parents ended up with dead hair.

Although I was a brunette as a young girl with very dark brown hair, I must take after my father as my wavy hair has been "dead" for years. Furthermore, although thinning hair has not been a problem, I definitely do not have fat hair.