Saturday, January 08, 2011

One More Blue Child...and Another One

When my Daddy D was a baby, he wore a little blue corduroy suit. After the birth of our first son, his mother gave us the suit and asked for a picture of our son in the family suit. We took the picture and one of our second son as well. Many years later our daughter-in-law suggested that our first grandchild be photographed in the little blue suit. Our granddaughter modeled her grandpa suit with flair as did her cousin, our second granddaughter a few years later. Our grandson was the latest to wear Grandpa's suit. This is his picture.

You see pictures of the rest of the Blue Family in other entries on the is blog here and here. Before Nathan wore the Little Budgee Suit, his aunt repaired the suit enough to be worn for the pictures. Hopefully, the suit will last for one more grandchild, who is expected to arrive at the end of June.


At 6:46 PM, Blogger Margaret said...

That's an adorable little suit and in such great condition!!


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